Cash Clamber
Cash Clamber is an interactive HTML5 webapp. The app provides a unique platform to play our 'skill based' streaker game to win bitcoin prizes. There's a new game started every 30 minutes. Climb to the top to claim your prize. Prizes paid within 24 hours.
Have a suggestion for a new game? Just contact via our instant messaging or on our newfeeds! We might partner with you to bring it alive. Our 'fair play, fair pay' terms mean there's always a real winner in every game.

Our Philosophy
We built Cash Clamber for love, not for profit! We give back ALL our advertising revenue as streaker prizes! Your advertising and donations keep our site running and computer geek T-shirts on our chests.

Cash Clamber is special, you can practice to improve your chances of winning our streaker. Want to get involved? You can help crowdfund one of our new games as an investment. We're all about fair play, fair pay.

Our site may be down from time to time... it may suffer a broken css, a faulty code or be as slow as 'dial up'... Want to know why? This is why

We are nothing like other sites on the Internet. We are using the newest technologies, revolutionary ideas and well, sometimes, sometimes we just get it wrong. We don't support every browser, in fact, we don't even try to. We are just a few guys and gals running this site in our spare time, for the love of good software, and the love of doing what we do best. We don't have an office, and we don't own any servers.

We've done everything we can to be fault tolerant and auto-restarting but there's only so much we can do with the resources we have. Feel free to donate if you like our philosophy. We think it's great.

and credit to thepiratebay.* for parts of this support statement!

Get Involved
At Cash Clamber we embrace the open source community and the shared work of others. We've strived to build a world class product and we think we might just have succeeded. We have used the very latest open standards based, web technologies (HTML5 and CSS3) to build Cash Clamber and most of all, we hope you enjoy it!

Into the future we may offer a platform where we can host the work of budding games programmers, allowing them to showcase their work. Keep an eye on our newsfeeds for the latest information.

If you don't write code but would like to help crowd source a new game or have an idea for a game that we might write, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you